2015 is, without a doubt, set to be a year of movie epics. The list of exciting release dates goes on and on as huge movie franchises are ready to make their return to the big screens which will undoubtedly draw the crowds. Needless to say the superior of which include Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World, though I expect the new Peter Pan and James Bond (Spectre) will also be eagerly anticipated.

We, as film lovers, can only hope that these productions will live up to their expectations and I would be surprised, particularly with regard to Star Wars (just because it will be so exciting to see that yellow writing rising up our screens and hear that triumphant music boom around the theatres), if people would be left disappointed. But this is not a piece about light-sabers or dinosaurs. No – there is a movie coming out in autumn that could astound audiences with a remarkable movie experience and a fantastic cast… This movie is called Everest, based on a true story, and, in my humble opinion, potentially one of the best watches we’re in for this year.

A group of ambitious Australian climbers journey up Mount Everest only to be ravaged by a lethal storm and are left to fend for their lives against brutal weather conditions, and everything else that threatens when atop the tallest peak in the world. This plot in itself promises a rip roar of a movie, but it could, in fact, be the line-up of grade A actors and actresses that makes this the triumph it has the ability to be.  Jason Clarke appears to be the main man and just judging by the trailer, he plays a modest, simple fella that is out of his depth on this incredible voyage. He is probably the least recognisable, but has appeared in some impressive roles in The Great Gatsby, Zero Dark Thirty, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and lately Child 44. I wouldn’t say this guy is the best actor in the world but you’d definitely recognise him. Also, considering this movie is a true story about a group of Australians, it’s surely necessary to have at least one Australian actor.

He isn’t the only one (Aussie), to be fair, and those who’ve seen Avatar will recognise Sam Worthington. Worthington isn’t really in a lead role in Everest, but I must say I like him as an actor. He appeared earlier in the year alongside Jennifer Anniston in Cake (a movie that should definitely have received some Oscar recognition, especially Anniston and her performance) and delivered a heart-warming portrayal of a grieving husband. He is clearly well able to put on a good show.

But now, let’s get onto the more serious characters in Everest… Josh Brolin is playing Clarke’s buddy on this climb and is generally good in everything he’s in, particularly No Country for Old Men. Robin Wright’s taking a break from House of Cards to star in this movie and is joined by Kiera Knightley, nominated this year for best supporting actress, who is playing Clarke’s wife.

Last, but by no means least, Jake Gyllenhaal is playing the daring, confident climber that joins the group of hikers, and he offers an exciting aspect to the film, regarding how great a year he has had in terms of the mesmerising performance he gave in Nightcrawler. Gyllenhaal is obviously a gifted actor and he shows that in Brokeback Mountain, though, similar to Anniston, it’s hard to understand why he wasn’t considered in the Oscars for Nightcrawler. It’s only a matter of time before Gyllenhaal is truly appreciated in Hollywood and he will excel wonderfully, I’m sure. I’m intrigued to see what he can offer in Everest, but he is undoubtedly a fabulous addition to what is already an outstanding cast.

Jake able to be the best
Jake able to be the best

So, well, who knows if this film will deliver? I think it will, just simply because of the cast it has and the trailer gives me the initial impression that it will be an enthralling feast of a movie. Obviously, a storm hitting the top of Mount Everest will promise some brilliant special effects and I am confident that this feature will be respectable compared to Star Wars, Jurassic World, Pan and Spectre.

Check out the trailer! If like me, it gets your mouth watering, it’s going to be a long wait ‘till September, but, based on the hunch that’s grown in my mind, it will be a wait well worth waiting.