Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s Evolution takes place on a geographically unspecific island. Isolated from our known world, an entirely new way of living has, well, evolved. Populated only with young boys and their androgynous looking ‘mothers’ who wash and play together along the turbulent crashing waves of the black volcanic shore, life there has a strange routine to it.

When the boys are subjected to medical procedures and injections in the tiny local hospital under presumably false pretences, riled by fear and curiosity, they begin to question this routine life and the nature of their role on the island.

Evolution is a short film, scant on explanation and uninterested in fleshing out the meaning of anything. Much is therefore left to the viewer to decipher. Some will find this frustrating. Others will bask in the bizarre and creepy body-horror aspects hinted at it in many scenes and displayed in others.

It’s hard what to make of it all and little can be written here without giving away the fruition that comes, late on, from the embryo of the initial slight, jarring premise that turns things into a somewhat tangible story.

But it is a beauty to behold. A wild, awful, beguiling one. A film to be prodded and poked with questions for a long time after.

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