FADES are an alt-rock quintet from London, England made up of Joshua Woo on vocals and guitar, Lucas Mendes on lead guitar,  Alessandro Melchior on guitar and keyboards, James Dibble on bass and Keir Adamson on drums. Formed in 2014 under the name Metasic, the band have previously released one EP entitled “Falling Into Place”. Their new name comes from the Queens of The Stone Age track “In The Fade”, who along with bands like Royal Blood and Wolf Alice provide a huge influence for the band. Their latest self titled EP “Fades”  is due out on March 11th.

The title track is up first, it begins with a loud, noisy crash.  The verse is driven by a simple guitar riff and straightforward rhythms and the chorus is more focused on the vocal melody. It’s a good track, but the arrangement is quite straightforward, going verse-chorus-verse-chorus-chorus.

“I’ve Been Away Too Long” has a slightly heavier bluesy feel. The guitar work on this song is excellent, with lots of catchy licks to be found. Towards the end, there’s an almost psychedelic bridge section that took me completely by surprise, before kicking into a great guitar solo.

The third song, “Before My Eyes” starts off with acoustic guitars, tricking listeners into thinking it’ll be a laid back number, but it quickly kicks into an infectious groove, similar to something you might hear from Royal Blood (except with guitars!). The subtle keyboard pads really help to add an extra layer to the song making it sound much bigger.

“The Killing Floor” sounds distinctly different from the other songs before it, it’s much less of a hard rock feel and has a sort of spooky Halloween feel. It’s an interesting direction to go in though I do feel in parts it feels like they’re doing their best Queens of the Stone Age impression.

The penultimate track, “Dog On A Leash” goes back to the heavy rock style, featuring lots of great guitar work, especially with some nasty chords that by themselves wouldn’t work, but in the context of the song work just right.

The final number is “Everybody Knows”. It begins with electric keyboard and vocals, shortly joined by a clean electric guitar and bass and then drums. It’s a very cool gradual buildup and the huge sounding outro is a great way to end things.

I really think FADES have the potential to grow into a great band. This EP has shown that they’re capable of writing good music and while there are times where they sound original, I think they need to step out of the shadows of their influences a little bit and if they do they’ll do very well for themselves.

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