Self-proclaimed “psychotic pop” act Faerground Accidents originally came together in Manchester in 2012. After their demos made an impact with John Robb of Louder Than War Records, the five piece ensemble exploded onto the scene in 2014 with the release of their double A-Side debut, “We Hate the Same Things/Back in Town”. Finding favour with DJs from a number of stations, including BBC Radio 6, the single won the band a supporting slot for both Sleaford Mods at the Sheffield Academy and The Membranes in London.

Determined to continue expanding their audience, the fivesome recently dropped a new track by the name of “She Makes Me Want to Die”. Skipping in upon an exultant riff and merry synths, it makes for an absorbing listen before the catchy melody even has a chance to set in. An incredibly infectious rhythm and fast pace is maintained as it unfolds. The sound it forges plays like a fusion of Brit- and electro-pop that results in a wonderfully rousing alt-rock anthem.

You can find the song and the video to go with it on the fivesome’s Youtube page, along with the two pieces that made up their inaugural single last year. “We Hate the Same Things” charges into vigorous guitars and pounding percussion, building up a swift momentum that persists through the irresistible verse. Remaining extremely characterful and animated throughout, its lively beat doesn’t relent for a second.

Like its companions, “Back in Town” is loud and cheerful, bursting to life with bright and vivacious instrumentation that’s soon joined by more captivating vocals. This enthusiastic offering keeps its foot on the gas from start to finish, inviting you to let go and lose yourself to its amazing energy.

Faerground Accidents have adopted a fantastically forceful and spirited style of pop/rock that is sure to delight a vast audience. Their material is high on stamina and loaded with personality, generating a fresh and exciting vibe that definitely makes it worth checking out. It might just make your day if you do.

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