American post-hardcore titans Falling in Reverse are set to explode back onto the scene on February 24th with their third studio album, Just Like You. Featuring twelve wild, rowdy and ferociously absorbing hard rock numbers, it represents everything that made fans fall in love with the band in the first place.

Fading in expectantly, “Chemical Prisoner” bursts into a rigorous riff that belts along hand in hand with fiercely expressive vocals. It’s a characteristically animated and energetic anthem that gets the proceedings off to an exhilarating start. The frantic guitars of “God, If You Are Above…” up the tempo further still, racing into an irresistible chorus. The relentless rhythm charges into a captivating musical breakdown in the middle, solidifying this as a hard-hitting raw and emotional rock riot.

“Sexy Drug” is propelled by piercing guitar blasts separated by vivacious verses. A forceful beat demands headbanging as it pounds along at a mesmerising pace, while the amazingly vigorous vocals grab a hold of your senses and refuse to let go.

The colourful “Just Like You” is prefaced by a cheerful chant before a nonchalant riff skips out of the unapologetic lyrics. A merry melody joins forces with the carefree instrumentation in expressing a delightfully impenitent attitude.

More clued in fans will recognise the title of “Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)” as a reference to a series of songs frontman Ronnie Radke spearheaded during his Escape the Fate days. Following in the tradition of its predecessors, it storms into howling vocals and furious guitars before an enthrallingly melodic chorus takes over. This is a hefty track that cuts deep and thrills while doing so.

The pressing riff of “Stay Away” is complemented perfectly by an engrossing harmony to forge an intense rock and roll belter. It leads into a deceptively relaxed intro for “Wait and See”, which doesn’t delay very long in breaking into tumultuous instrumentation. Maniacal vocals give way to a rap-like verse ahead of culminating in a wonderfully stirring chorus. It’s an uproarious composition that continuously mixes things up while also managing to sound inexplicably consistent.

“The Bitter End” is another heavy entry built upon irrepressible instrumentation and uncompromising vocals. An affecting chorus is sandwiched in the middle of the mayhem, before “My Heart’s to Blame” arrives with a different approach. Dancey synths and a mellow harmony generate an ambience rife with poignancy and introspection.

“Get Me Out” relieves the tension through a fun beat that bounces happily towards a sing-along chorus. This comparatively light addition differentiates itself by standing as more of a classic punk piece. “Die For You” screeches out of its wake amid sinister guitars and incensed vocals, all of which slam along destructively. The tone takes another turn for “Brother”, which blows in upon melancholy piano keys and a haunting harmony. There’s a distraught, tormented air to this strikingly beautiful effort that serves as a moving finale.

Falling in Reverse have succeeded in creating another compilation that’s as smooth flowing and easy on the ears as it is frantic and chaotic. Just Like You is a grippingly melodic album, whose awesome vocals and accomplished instrumentation make for essential listening.

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