The Dublin-based band The False and the Fair have released a new single called ‘Bald Apes’. It’s tricky to define their sound with only this single, so many genres and different sounds seem to work as a letter of presentation of a much more broad –sonorously- band.

The song starts almost like a grunge 90’s anthem, ubiquitous and powerful bass, some yelling through a speaker in the background and a tender guitar chord that keeps the rhythm until the singer starts. The lyrics talk about creatures that look like humans (the video, directed by Hugh Mulhern, graphically plays with this idea: a gang of humanized apes having fun, facing another gang in a Warriors kind of brawl) and the confusing meaning of this human-animal similarities. The singer faultlessly deliver this with an interesting voice that at times has notes of a way less deeper Matt Berninger (The National).

‘Bald Apes’ reaches a more interesting moment after minute 3, where some female vocals make a haunted appearance creating a kind of “The great gig in the sky” vibe that will keep going on in the background until the sound ends, transforming what was originally this kind of alternative rock 90’s sound into a much more classic/progressive territory. The video seems to capture this as well, coincidentally using this fragment for the most active and visually rich scenes at the beach.

A remix of the song is also available, by Motegi Cuda, that plays way more with the female chorus, sampling it along the whole song from the very start.

The False and the Fair will be playing at Lúnasa Festival, next September in Ballurgan Park (Louth).

Written by Guadalupe Martinez Ferretti

A reader, writer and tea drinker. Some of my favourite things include books, superhero movies, dogs, and music. Currently studying New Media and English at UL.