During a Q&A in Colorado, a fan had the temerity to ask Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman Billy Corgan about whether Courtney Love was involved in the death of Kurt Cobain.

The young man seemed nervous as he stumbled through his initial rambling statements, “So I recently saw Soaked In Bleach and the other one, the HBO one[Monatge Of Heck], and I feel like there was a lot of unnecessary rivalry between the bands… because I like all types of music, so I talked to some friends, and they were like, ‘Oh I hate so and so’.

Before he seemingly out of the blue finished with the blunt question “do you think Courtney killed Kurt?

Corgan was not impressed by the stunt from the nurotic sounding questioner. “Are you legitimately asking me this question here?” the singer replied.

Nonchalantly the audacious man responded, “If you care to answer it.

Corgan “No I don’t care to answer because I think it’s – what does that have to do with me? You started off talking about inter-band rivalry and then you got onto conspiracy theory.”

Watch the awkward exchange below.