Yesterday, the internet proved to everyone once again that when it comes to an outbreak of news, it travels fast on social media. Within minutes, all were aware of the temporary legalisation of class A drugs such as ecstasy and ketamine, due to a loophole in Irish government legislation.

Now, straight off the bat, there are three different groups with certain views on the topic. The first group being the frequent users of those drugs who feel happy days are upon them and life can now be like a Happy Mondays music video in the heart of the golden age of the rave scene of the early nineties. Then there are the piss takers who use their phones or keyboards to write amusing status’ about the legalisation, writing status’ something to the tune of ‘ E’s are legal lads! Session yeah’.

Then there is the gay community in Ireland. Several openly gay men and women who face a big year this year with the marriage equality referendum, took to facebook to state their utter disbelief that they could get more yoked out of their skull than a junkie on dole day, but cannot legally get married.

Now, while this legalisation may be a temporary venture, just image for a moment the world we live in if it were made permanent. Imagine a world where you could go into the local newsagents and buy the Sunday paper, a pack of fags and four or five pills for that Sunday morning hangover.

firstly, the sales of chicken fillet roles would probably plummet and deli counters shut down and would be transformed into Pill stalls. The off-license would probably do crates promotions, a pill for a fiver when you buy 20 bottles for the summer beach session.

But imagine the average working person. Years of work frustration, and unhappiness replaced with showing up to the office raving to Avicii on the earphones and telling everyone how much you love them, despite never sharing more than a polite sentence in the past.

And lastly, surely there’s enough young gardai out there who would inevitably report for duty off their faces. Instead of confiscating junk and arresting junkies, the world could see them joining them on the street corner and cracking open a can of Rosies Dew and shooting the shit together.

Harmony would most likely be achieved within our often dark and grimy landscape, but everything else would go to shit. Would you want a surgeon on yokes taking out your appendix or performing heart surgery?

Granted, none of this is likely to ever happen, but it’s interesting to try and foresee a world where everyday life is like a page torn out of the Fear and loathing in Las Vegas book.

And what must the government be thinking? Conspiracy theorists must be having a field day with this, using the legalisation of those drugs to distract the public from a much bigger issue of some kind. But the most likely answer is probably the correct one. Because as it has been proved time and time again, the people who run our country are a band of retarded suit wearing thieves who obviously have less of a clue about running our country, than the average student has about getting assignments done early.