Already Standing is the latest single from Swedish troubadour Elin Hörberg, who goes by the stage name Feivel. Despite having only a handful of releases to her name, Hörberg is no newcomer to the music scene and is a seasoned performer, enjoying stints as a pianist with Skilla and Sylvester Schlegal.

Already Standing marries dark, mature lyrics with a dreamlike and sometimes stripped back sound. In creating this dreamlike atmosphere the instrumentation often remains restrained, apart from the occasional vocal or guitar part emerging from the ether to wake the listener from their slumber. The reserved drums and guitars mean there is plenty of room left in the mix to allow the vocals to shine. Indeed, the vocals are the highlight of this track, possessing a delicate, ethereal, almost whisper like quality, sounding at times like Regina Spector, Donna Lewis and Ireland’s own Cathy Davey.

Apart from a memorable opening, where Hörberg’s short statement disappears in a wash of sound from which the driving guitar and drums emerge, this single takes a while to get going. The slight swing in the vocal delivery contrasts nicely with the band but the chorus and its ensuing crescendo of sound is where  this song really shines. The chorus features a call and response motif between the guitar and strings which combines with the subtle accents of the snare drum to create a beautiful, rich tapestry of colour.

The strong songwriting and production values evident on Already Standing make it clear that Feivel is well on the way towards carving out a niche with a distinct sound. You can check out Already Standing on Feivel’s Soundcloud.






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