Field Studies is a new four-piece band from Nottingham, England. With national radio airplay and excellent reviews of their music and live show already under their belts, the buzz around this young act looks set to grow even further with their upcoming performance at the Glastonbury festival. We take a look at their new single, “Money of America”.

Beginning with a gentle guitar melody and soft yearning vocals, this band’s sound is immediately arresting. The vocal delivery is perfect and sweet, yet just as you start to sit back to enjoy a delicate and beautiful piece, the tempo starts to build and suddenly we have an entirely different and altogether more upbeat song on our hands. Taking melodic and rhythmic cues from Arcade Fire, the group seamlessly build a bridge from the pretty intro to a more gritty, angsty sound. The clean guitar harmonies juxtaposed with the fast, distorted riff and hard-hitting drums display an incredible talent for texture.

The arrangement of this track could not be any better. It is enthralling, captivating stuff and on the first listen I could see why this band is making a name for itself. The flawless blend of melancholia with aggression, soft melodies with heavy riffs, and a vocalist who can go from fragile beauty to angry shouts is unparalleled in modern music. This is a young group with a big career on the horizon and deservedly so.

“Money of America” is out now via Denizen Recordings and Field Studies are set to play the BBC Introducing stage of Glastonbury on the 28th of June.