The 21st century has been many things. Some call it groundbreaking, others consider it something reminiscent of a Greek tragedy based on the way things used to be. But one aspect of the 21st century is undeniable. So far, it has been about change, tolerance and empowerment.

Be it the marriage equality debate, the right to euthanasia, abortion, separation of law from the church, you name it. This century has focused on those issues.

One element of all this empowerment, however, is something that has been something which is now the norm. The treatment of women equally. Equality for women is now a no brainer. Any guy with a brain and a decent upbringing treats women with the respect which they deserve.

But with this is mind, something interesting lurks in the corner of social standpoints as of late. Fifty Shades of Grey. The best selling book turned film is a box office smash despite bad reviews from the critics. Simply due to its original fan base spawned by the books. The interesting thing is the majority of those people who attended the film and made it a hit, are reportedly women.

In an age of empowerment and women finally being treated equally, women queued up in the masses to watch a woman being dominated by a man for two hours. And not just sexually is she dominated, but professionally and eventually every aspect of her life. Which brings forth the question of, why? Why fight for empowerment while at the same time watch a film in which a woman is completely made powerless by a man?

Chalk it up to a cheap thrill of some fantasy and excitement, but what we must ask ourselves as a society in a very enlightening period of humanity is, is it still ‘OK’ to depict women as objects? Only this time objects of a billionaires desire and domination. And why are women queuing up to see it?

On screen, a woman is being tied up and gagged for pleasure. But in reality, do some people consider their viewing of the film as hypocritical and that their rights should be tied and gagged?

The coming months will tell. As the Fifty Shades debate from all sides rages on.

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