There are two types of people in the world, Tyler Durdens and the Ed Norton type. Now, the million dollar question…which one are you and which context are we speaking of? Plainly put, the Tylers care very little about anything, in this case film. The Tylers know what they like and stick to it. But then there are the Ed Nortons…they question everything, accept very little for what it is and seem to constantly find themselves within a self constructed maze of uncertainty.

Put it this way, 2015 has already produced the idea of a Back to the future remake / reboot, a new star wars flick under a new Disney bitch master,and a new Indiana Jones film complete with a new indy. The Ed Norton’s find only one question on their tongues upon this news, ‘is nothing sacred anymore’? However we live in an age of b movies and badly written superhero flicks so maybe a “blast from the past” would be a slight puff of oxygen from the hollywood chokehold that us the viewers feel on a regular basis after exiting the cinema.

2015 has a lot more to offer than your average movie year, with many projects to be released, most noteworthy Quentin Tarantino now infamous ‘ The Hateful Eight’. Take what you may from the films of 2015 over the course of the next year, but keep one thing in mind. Spread the word to only those who will appreciate your taste. In a simple rule, to those who appreciate fine cinema, rule no. 1: you don’t talk about film club.