English electro ensemble Filter Distortion have enjoyed a fair amount of success since their formation in 2014. The foursome’s material has been featured on several UK TV stations, including Channel 4, as well as having received radio play both at home and abroad.

The band spent the better part of last year writing and producing their debut album, Transition, at Whitehood Studios in their hometown of Liverpool. Mastered by producer Daniel Woodward, it has the rather unique distinction of being recorded using only three microphones.

The record opens with the buoyant beat and relaxed vocals of “Black and White”. This simple electro-pop anthem gets the proceedings off to a harmless start. Its successor, “Pressure”, shifts into a more urgent rhythm amid a retro disco like sound that remains consistently catchy throughout.

“Resonator Express” builds itself up using airy synths that accelerate into a rousing chorus and fast pace. “Midnight Drive” follows along by emphasizing the electronics further for a track that feels as if it was plucked from the soundtrack of a seventies sci-fi movie.

The hectic intro of “Frequency Modulation” leads into a monologue that develops atop bustling instrumentation. “Neon Nights” calms things down a bit, featuring an absorbing chorus. Its momentum is steady, unfolding purposefully without rushing itself.

The electronics aren’t as pronounced during “Cameras in the Dark”. Serving as more of a straightforward pop piece, it exhibits a warm and captivating duet that gives it a pleasant ambience. “When the Lights Go Out” cuts into its wake with high pitched synths, establishing an ominous air that resonates across the vocals.

Musically, “Lost Boys” is another cheerful number, generating a contented and carefree atmosphere. This gives way to the frantic beginning of “Game Over”, recalling the score of an old 8-bit video game. Robotic vocals are also added into the mix to create a very technical finale.

Filter Distortion have succeeded in broadening the accessibility of their work by keeping it easy and uncomplicated. Transition is an extremely animated and colourful electropop compilation whose appeal shouldn’t find itself limited to fans of dance and pop.

The album is available for purchase on iTunes now.

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