Finding Dory, a much awaited sequel of Finding Nemo, revolves around everyone’s favourite character from the first film, Dory (voice over by Ellen Degeneres). Dory is talkative, adorable, charming and often forgets what she was doing because of short term memory loss. The plot follows the back story of Dory explaining how she lost her parents when she was kid and had been trying to find them ever since until she met Marlin and helped him find Nemo in the previous film. Now, Marlin, Dory and Nemo live as a close family and Dory seems content and happy. That is until one day, she is reminded of her parents when someone asks her where she came from. She remembers bits and pieces about the address and Marlin and Dory decide to help Dory find her parents. Just like the first movie, they go through the ocean current, meet the little turtles, face some scary fish, and before you know it, Dory is separated from Marlin and Nemo. She ends up at the Marine Life Institute Aquatic Center for fish where they rehabilitate fish that are sick. Here, Dory meets Hank, a grumpy Octopus, and after some hints from her memory, realizes that she used to live in this Aquatic center. Hank decides to help Dory to find her parents in the Aquatic Center in exchange for a tag she is carrying for transfer to another location and the adventure begins. Dory tries to find her parents while Marlin and Nemo try to find Dory.

Pixar doesn’t disappoint. It’s a great sequel and although both movies follow a similar plot, Finding Dory has frequent, and well placed flashbacks from Dory’s past that make it interesting for the audience to put the puzzle together along with Dory. There are many fun, clever hints to Finding Nemo that explain Dory’s eccentric habits and behaviour like how does she know how to speak whale, or how does she know how to read and where did she learn the ‘Keep Swimming‘ song. The setting of the film in the aquatic center is also interesting showing the interactions between fish and people in a more trusting environment than the ocean or the dentist’s office in the previous film. The other characters in the film like the octopus, the two whales, the sea lions and Becky the bird are all very likable. They provide a welcome relief from the character of Dory that can become annoying in long stretches. The character of Hank, the Octopus, is developed well as someone who is hard on the outside but very sensitive on the inside. But of course, the star of the film is Dory and the audience is really able to sympathize with her as she struggles with her condition of short term memory loss. The interactions between Dory and her parents are able to show what the helplessness, efforts and love of parents who have a kid with a difficult condition.

The film generally has a good pace about it and you wouldn’t realise the time passing by till you reach the last act that seems a little overstretched and unnecessary. I found myself rolling my eyes and shaking my head when I saw a car chase scene in a movie about fish. Otherwise, the film is great and the setting of the ocean and the Aquatic center is absolutely beautiful with all the colours and creatures. It is highly recommended for both kids and adults!

Finding Dory is on general release now