Fire to the stars are a haze-pop band formed in Australia by musicians from Melbourne and Stockholm who shared a similar interest in the same music. They are also known for their distinctive music videos. The band has won awards at the 2015 Accolade Global Film Competition and IndieFEST Film Awards.

The bands latest 10 track album Made of Fire is a follow up from their Keep You Safe EP.

On the first track ‘Golden Bowling’ I liked the instrumental, and in particular the guitar and vocals. They blended well together; this helped to get the emotion across in the song. I also enjoyed the drum towards the middle and how the rest of the song built up around it. I felt this way about the fourth track ‘Wholesale Slaughter’ too.

On ‘Keep You Safe’ I thought the whole instrumental was way too distorted, it was really hard to understand, the vocal and was quite haunting.

On the third track ‘Rote Learning’ I found the use of piano and violin quite interesting it made song sound very dark. The vocal reminded me a lot of Lana Del Rey. It brought across the emotion of despair and sadness very well but was also soothing. I felt this way about the sixth track ‘Made of Fire’

On ‘Stay Down’ I liked the whole arrangement of the song, in particular the acoustic guitar and vocal, they really complemented each other well it was easy to listen to.

I thought ‘Starting With M’ was the one of the best tracks overall on this album, it was a lot softer sounding than most of the other songs. I really enjoyed it lyrically, the guitar and vocal really stood out in this song. I felt this way about the tenth song ‘Triple King’ as well.

On the eighth track ‘Sunday’ the use of synthesizer and guitar in the instrumental was the thing I enjoyed about this song. It is really well produced. This song also shows off the high range the vocalist has.

On ‘Bird’s Nest’ personally I thought the guitar was too heavy at times and this took away from the rest of the song.

Overall I thought this album was really enjoyable. There is a lot of variation in this album instrumentally, the vocal was very unique, it draws the listener into the story behind the song and gets across the emotion.

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