The latest in the ever expanding Netflix Original Series programming focuses on the life of Queen Elizabeth II, with the first trailer for The Crown arriving online today.

Adapted from Peter Morgan’s acclaimed play The Audience, Netflix’ The Crown will follow the Queen’s countless interactions with world leaders and Prime Ministers, along with the many controversies she has faced throughout her reign as British monarch.

The first confirmed series will see Clair Foy portray Elizabeth II, during the early years of her reign throughout the 1950s. However with the series following The Audience’s timeline (which runs up to the modern era), it remain to be seen as to whether Foy will portray the Queen as the series progresses in a similar sense as Helen Mirren did for the stage version.

What is confirmed is that John Lithgow will portray Winston Churchill in a somewhat odd casting choice, with Matt Smith set to play Prince Phillip.

The first 10 part series of The Crown is set to debut on Netflix on November 4 of this year.

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