I have always been a big fantasy fan. They are the first books that I read and loved with all my heart. I fell in love with Narnia, Middle Earth and Hogwarts, but I also loved many that other people hadn’t heard of. These are some of the underrated fantasy books that I loved both before, and now…


Howl’s Moving Castle trilogy – Diana Wynne Jones

You may have heard of these books from the Ghibli Studios movie adaptation. This book is about a young girl called Sophie who is cursed by a witch to look like a very old woman. Sophie is determined to get the curse removed and so she goes to the wicked magician Howl who is known for eating the hearts of girls. This series consists of three companion novels that can be read individually, but can be appreciated more when read in order. The characters are witty and funny and the plot is perfectly paced to keep you reading to the very last page.


The Gemma Doyle trilogy – Libba Bray

This trilogy is set in an English boarding school during the Victorian period. If follows sixteen year old Gemma Doyle who has just moved in from India. Gemma discovers a way to leave the strict life in the school to a world with mystical creatures and where she can do all that she has ever dreamed. But this world may not be the safe haven that it first appeared to be, in fact, it may bring the horrific history of the school to light once more…


Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy – Laini Taylor

Karou is an art student in Prague. She does not know who her parents are. The only family she knows are the demons with whom she lives. Brimstone is the father-like figure that she admires. He has an unusual business. He collects teeth and creates wishes for unsavoury characters. This series had such an amazing first book, with characters that are so well developed and a plot that will draw you in.


The Black Magician trilogy – Trudi Canavan

In this world, magicians are the elite. They are powerful, demand respect and control every aspect of society. But when a breach is made in their security, by someone who should not have had the power to, an epic chase begins.


The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

If you love a book with beautiful writing and amazing imagery, this is the one for you. The Night Circus is a black and white themed circus that only ever appears at night. It is a beautiful place with entertainment acts that would astound and amaze you. But what is its purpose? What brought this fantastic place into existence? The imagery is so vivid that it is hard to stop seeing it – even after the book has ended. It is a slower paced book, but I feel that this is not a bad thing. I love to stroll through the Night Circus.