The Flaws – ‘Springtime for The Flaws’ Album Review

The Flaws – ‘Springtime for The Flaws’ Album Review

Originally formed by four school friends, Irish indie rock ensemble The Flaws have managed to achieve quite a lot since erupting onto the scene with their debut EP in 2005. Not only have they appeared at such renowned festivals as Electric Picnic and Glastonbury, they’ve also graced TV screens via RTE, had their material featured on a number of national radio stations, and been nominated for several Meteor Music Awards, including “Best Irish Band”.

More recently though, the foursome finished putting together their third studio album, Springtime for The Flaws, which hit iTunes in April. Blasting off with “Going Aerial”, it quickly builds into forceful guitars and pounding percussion, which charge vigorously forward together. It’s a very energetic and engrossing opener that gets things off to an exciting start.

The light and airy instrumentation of “Blow Your Hair Back” arrives next, playing out alongside expressive vocals. Another offering loaded with passion and spirit, it serves as an engaging and accessible alternative anthem. A restrained but raucous introduction follows for “That’s What You Get”, as it dances cheerfully into a characterful melody. There’s a festive vibe to the whole thing that keeps it lighthearted and fun throughout.

“Animals” speeds into stirring guitars that run alongside a steady drum beat during its cutting verse. This is before a cool and collected chorus takes over. Remaining consistently active and animated, its hectic style has a rather upbeat attitude. “Fortunate” heads in a more mellow direction afterwards through laid back instrumentation and an eloquent harmony. The remorseful feel that’s prevalent for its duration makes for a bracing listen.

“Disappoint and Go” explodes with a turbo charged riff that sprints into a furious melody. Its relentless rhythm is incredibly arresting, emanating a punky disposition which hits hard. Never easing up on the gas, it’s an invigorating undertaking. “Don’t Lie” emerges out of its wake atop a beat that’s simultaneously pensive and playful. It skips towards fervent vocals that unfold with a sense of seriousness and significance, ultimately culminating in a vivacious guitar salvo.

“Tryouts” is another quick and quirky number in its aftermath, while the sharp acoustic riff of “Water Riots” relaxes as it heads into a gentle harmony. Soft and simple, it’s a delightfully pleasant composition ahead of the biting instrumentation and heartfelt vocals of “Shake Your Bones”. “Ourside”, on the other hand, is a solemn and serious finale, whose serene sound carries a tremendous amount of weight and brings the record to a heavy conclusion.

The Flaws have put together an extremely enthusiastic rock compilation, brimming with life and vitality. Its fast pace and eager execution ensure that it remains loud and lively from beginning to end. With a keen demeanour and a radio friendly sound, Springtime for The Flaws is sure to find favour with a wide audience.

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