Fluent In Grey, a new four piece based in London have released their debut single ‘Lost’. For a new group established only this year there is a surprising and immediate sense of experience and style.

On first listen to ‘Lost’ many great names like Jesus and the Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine come to mind as it lends to an easy feel and that dark tone that lovers of the Shoegaze scene would appreciate.

However there is a modern layer to this track and certainly a few electronic toys were added to fill out this wall of sound approach. This track has depth and is delivered with a dreamy and seductive vocal – I even think fans of Lana Del Ray will instantly relate to the feel which only adds to it’s current appeal in my opinion. The lyrics whilst carefully delivered sound easy to Marcella and maintain the track’s haunting quality.

Lush guitars, deep rounded low end and the emerging drums from the backdrop all swell nicely into the chorus and the whole track maintains the right feel from start to finish with no unnecessary instrumentation. I must commend the band’s first effort as a good one!

I think there’s a future for a band that produces something of this depth as a first offering and put’s the effort into delivering a stylish video with the right tone to accompany. I’m sure these perfectionists will continue to gain interest and hopefully move into the realms of label courtship, should they be into that sort of thing.