For Everly - The City of Townsville! EP Review

For Everly – The City of Townsville! EP Review

For Everly, a Liverpool-based rock group has recently released their 3 track E.P. The City of Townsville!

The set kicks off with the song Better Than Hating You. lead singer Brittany Soldo pleads “Missing You Is Better Than Hating You” and “Loving You Is Better Than Leaving You” putting Taylor Swift and any other little “Pop Queen” of today’s standards to shame, while describing their lovelorn sentiments over a heavy drum melody with grungy guitar riffs adding a cool context conceptually while continuously segueing into the next song Harm You.

Keeping the rock theme going Harm You is more gritty or even Goth as it contains a creepy-esque groan mid-song, but still in the break up song vein the lead singer proclaims” So Long To The Good Times” “Sorry I Loved You” “I Refuse To Harm You” these are intense lyrics but then again the E.P. is dark in tone.

Closing it is the song When The Ink Dried with its energetic frantic intro, the song builds on this energy all throughout the set describing a volatile relationship climaxing with song “We Wrote Our Names In Blood” Brittany Soldo screams, describing pain and despair whilst in love. It’s a little Evanescence or Linkin Park sounding.

The City of Townsville! is a fitting E.P. and the band have nearly come close to an interesting whole concept album. That would have been intriguing.