Callista are a five piece melodic hardcore band from the South Coast of England. After two successful EPs the band are releasing a third EP later this year. The band is known for their DIY style and fantastic live performances. Hemingway is the latest single from Callista and it seems the group have slightly deviated from the previous sound of their last EP.

The single Hemingway is a mix of loud, powerful bass tones and calmer melodies. The lyrics are based on the novel ‘Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises’ by famed writer Ernest Hemingway. The book is about the breakdown of a relationship and the regrets of time spent with someone, so needless to say the song is not full of cheer.

Although based on a book by Ernest Hemmingway, lyrics or words were obviously not taken into consideration by the group while producing this track as the vocals are simply inaudible. Hemmingway was noted for his understated style of writing and this song is definitely not downplaying the theme. The song started out promising with a nice piano and synth intro but once the vocals kick in around 25 seconds, it just goes downhill. The bass is on over kill and the drums are just too loud, yes I realise I sound like a granny. In general the music is too loud for the vocals and I found it hard to concentrate on listening to the lyrics. I do like the melody and for an action, post apocalyptic movie, Hemingway would make a great soundtrack, but for ear pleasure it just doesn’t do it. There is a part in the sound where it is just instrumental and I really loved just the instrumental. The song is incredibly angry, not essentially a bad thing considering the theme of the song, but it just starts heading into angst teenager territory.

I can imagine in a live setting the song would work, I could see myself just letting loose and having a good mosh out. If I put this on while driving I may be inclined to road rage. I listened back to some of Callista’s other music and these guys are really talented, they just need to sort the production of their music.

Good tune, too loud for vocals.

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