Forevr is the name of a Brisbane based “noise rock” act made up of musicians Donovan Miller and Sam George-Allen. Their material – which features a mixture of guitars, synths, drum machines and audio sampling – has managed to draw quite a bit of attention over the last few months. At home in Australia, they’ve been showcased by a number of national media outlets and radio stations, gradually building up a name for themselves.

The duo’s debut EP, Demonstration, was recorded live by Steve Rose at Tym Guitars in April. It bursts into the reverberating guitars of “Yucatan”, while exhibiting vocals buried so deep in the background that they barely register. The abruptness of the beginning has the feel of turning on a track halfway through, but it also means that it wastes no time in getting off the ground. The blaring instrumentation establishes a fairly ethereal ambience as it echoes across the air. There’s something very dream-like and disorientating about the whole thing.

“Heart of Ice” starts with a subtle yet bouncy beat before exploding into a tumult of disconcerting guitars and sinister synths. Transcendent vocals resound beneath the instrumental elements, bearing a tranquil tone that completely contrasts the maniacal music. It’s another abstract effort, but with a more disconcerting demeanour than the inaugural entry.

The percussion of “Midas at Night” pounds pressingly behind an extremely ominous riff and slicing synths. The anxious aura of the execution is quite chilling. This results in a consistently perturbing piece, whose sound is as disquieting as it is psychedelic. “Forgive” emerges from its aftermath at a purposeful pace to proceed through a sea of distorted instrumentation and vocals. It maintains a lower tempo throughout, which somehow makes it even more unsettling than its predecessors.

Foevr’s style is an interesting one. Nothing about it is particularly clear cut or easy to digest, but that seems to be the point. It’s a loud and rambunctious undertaking, the strident nature of which isn’t going to appeal to everyone. However, its epic scale and introspective undertone is enough to illustrate that it contains a lot of depth and meaning. Check Demonstration out on Bandcamp now and see what you think.

Forevr: Demonstration EP review
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