Berkshire born solo artist Frances composes and co-produces her own stirring brand of piano pop pieces. Having taken up residency in Liverpool, the singer/songwriter is a regular on the live scene both there and in her nation’s capital, London. With recognition from the likes of MTV and XFM, as well as having garnered over 40,000 plays on Soundcloud for her track “Fire May Save You”, this talented musician has been doing a fine job of making a name for herself.

Her latest single, “A Million Lines”, is brought to life through a simple but striking execution. Starting off with slow, affecting piano work, it leads into a crisp, clear melody that resonates as it unfolds. The powerful, articulately sung chorus is expressive and loaded with passion. Musically, things remain reserved and solemn for the first few minutes before building to a boisterous climax in which a plethora of instrumental elements erupt for a short burst and then fade out.

This moving composition can be found on Soundcloud alongside two other offerings, one of which being the aforementioned “Fire May Save You”. Beginning in a similar manner to its newer counterpart with sombre keys and a reflective harmony, it ends up as a busier ballad overall. Frances impresses by hitting some stunningly high notes as it grows to another immense finish, lingering in the air long after it ends.

The third and final number featured, “Coming Up for Air”, commences with a hushed introduction that gives off a touching ambience. A haunting harmony persists all the way through, exhibiting a wide vocal range as it progresses towards the rousing conclusion.

Frances demonstrates a great deal of proficiency in her work and a vast skill set. The material she has put together so far is warm, poignant and eloquently executed. With a light and inspiring sound that’s easy on the ears, it is definitely worth taking the time to investigate.

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