French… Blues… HipHop… are not exactly three things that you see in a sentence all too often, so when I was invited to go see the French group Scarecrow perform live at Drom in New York City’s Lower East Side, I’ll admit that at first I had my reservations. On paper this is not something that would traditionally go together, nor is it something you hear on a day-to-day basis. Was it going to work? I had no idea, but I was intrigued to find out. I’m all about up and coming artists embracing a whole new art form and creating their own unique sound, but sometimes it’s hard to not only stand out from the crowd, but to also stay both relevant, commercial and appeal to the masses. Scarecrow however, have managed to master that task with great ease. Originally all from Toulouse, France, the group got their start about 6 years ago and have been growing ever since. To date, they have now played shows all over the world and upon looking at their upcoming scheduled dates this year, these guys don’t mess around; they’re playing shows all over Europe. What’s even more interesting is that they’re about to play some of the biggest festivals in Europe so clearly there’s a demand for them.

Photo Credit: Sean Jamar
Photo Credit: Sean Jamar

Last Friday they took to the stage like true professionals and immediately grasped the audience’s attention. Not knowing what was in store, there was a silence as they started to play. Soon enough the crowd moved closer and closer towards the stage and the songs seemed to get better and better. Even when Antibiotic Daw was rapping in French and you found yourself thinking back to the days of primary school when you learned basic French and struggling to remember anything, it didn’t matter. In that moment, it was a scene of all worlds colliding and leaving everything else outside the door. For just over an hour, everyone there was in musical ecstasy!

I went to the show with no expectations and came out a fully pledged fan. The quartet have somehow managed to evolve old sounds and mesh them with a more modern style. By breaking all the rules and laying the groundwork for a whole new path, they have hopefully inspired and paved the way for not only themselves but a lot more other artists. This is a sound that we all need to start hearing on the radio! Having heard their new album, both performed live and in studio version, there are some incredible sounds, songwriting and production which makes me excited to see what’s in store for these guys. Made up of Slim Paul (guitars /vocal Blues), Antibiotik Daw (scratch/vocal Hiphop), Jamo (bass/backing vocals) and Le Pap’s (drums/backing vocals), the four individuals who appear to come from completely different backgrounds somehow managed to find each other and create something so incredibly unique that I was smiling from ear to ear as I left the venue that night. Their new album “The Last” comes out any day now and I expect that we”ll be hearing a lot of Scarecrow.

Check out the video below for their hit song “The Well“:


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