Dreampop duo Frankenstein Bolts originally began as the passion project of Wexford based artist Justin Cullen before he decided to join forces with guitarist Dan Comerford. Together, they have taken to the stage at a number of well-known events and venues around Ireland, including Electric Picnic, Castlepalooza and Hard Working Class Heroes.

With plenty more performances still to come in 2016, the pair are currently busy promoting the release of their latest EP, Cinematic Views. The four track undertaking starts subtle with the relaxing riffs of “Station Street”. This establishes an airy atmosphere ahead of the haunting harmony of the verse. Things keep calm and compelling as the music and melody stroll soothingly in the direction of a delicate chorus. A subdued instrumental exhibition bridges the gap from here to the next serene stanza, after which gentle guitars glide in to guide the whole affair to an affecting finish.

“Anna Seed” is faster but no less friendly afterwards as it jogs jovially over upbeat riffs and pleasant percussion. A resonant refrain soon ensues to wash cheerfully through the senses. The echo-like effect of the vocals is strangely reassuring while the beat remains bright and buoyant in the background. It’s all very optimistic and absorbing before the tranquil introduction of “The Bay” takes over. This enthralling chill-out tune showcases cool crooning amid mellow music, all of which is wonderfully uplifting.

“500,000 Green Balloons” is another affable offering, made up of celestial singing and ethereal instrumentation. Stirring riffs maintain a merry mood underneath vivid vocals as the piece progresses. This results in a restrained yet riveting effort that manages to put a pleasant cap on the compilation.

Frankenstein Bolts have created a contemplative record to which it is easy to unwind. The soft sound and restful rhythm of each song mean that Cinematic Views is ideally suited to relieving listeners of stress at the end of a long day. Be sure to investigate it for yourself on Bandcamp now.

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