Friska Viljor is the name of a passionate pop duo from Sweden made up of musicians Daniel Johansson and Joakim Sveningsson. Since first forming in Stockholm back in 2006, the pair have put together five full length albums and received widespread critical acclaim, including from some well renowned international media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Uncut and Mojo.

On top of this, they’ve also had their material showcased on radio stations all around Europe, as well as managing to cram more than four hundred live shows in under their belts. Right now though, the singer/songwriters are gearing up for the release of their sixth record, My Name Is Friska Viljor.

Due to drop on June 26th, the compilation’s second single, “My Boys”, recently landed on iTunes. The subject of the song is about how the remedy to being angst ridden, according to Johansson, is to become a father and to multiple children if possible.

The piece dances straight into a jovial beat and lighthearted instrumentation ahead of a fast paced, merry melody. The percussion jogs contently along in the background, while some very playful musical motifs maintain an airy atmosphere between the vocal volleys. This all leads towards an incredibly upbeat and lively chorus that’s loaded full of loud and whimsical warbling amid rousing string work.

Making for a catchy and captivating listen, it soon gives way to another bright and buoyant verse, whose quick momentum ensures things stay enthralling. It all culminates in a final ecstatic eruption of music and melodies before skipping out on the same bouncy beat upon which it arrived. It’s a wonderfully fun and festive number in its entirety, whose delightful demeanour and extremely accessible sound is well suited for winning over the masses.

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