This is the first single released from the upcoming sixth studio album by the Swedes.  Now ten years together as a band, and five albums down; there is a an assurance in their sound. Since their musical birth – Friska Viljor have created songs about love lost, and made the decision to free themselves from romantic pursuits; as it was through the demise of relationships that the band formed. Having previously stated that they would ‘never compose sober’, I think that statement needs tweaking now; as they have entered the realm of parenthood.

“In My Sofa I’m Safe”, is just over two and a half minutes long.  The song itself is about parenthood, and the joy it brings. However they are quick to express that there is an internal struggle –  “the alienation between the new you and your old life”. For a band that were carefree with little or no responsibility, this change sounds vast, and it is apparent in their sound. There is a rushing urgency throughout this song, the brevity of it, merely enhancing this. This clearly displays the struggle amongst Friska Viljor  to hold on to their sense of self. heavy on cowbell, with an almost ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ sound during the verse – their new sound is much bolder. The chorus is a swift change to a joyous celebration, with the chanting La la la’s sounding almost child-like.

Catchy? certainly, and the newly-found boisterousness is a nice departure to their more mellow back catalogue. Their sixth album marks a departure, and a new exciting creative direction.

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