In case you missed our review of his self-titled EP last month, Frozen Houses is the alter ego of Glastonbury born artist Alex Hill. His latest single, Birmingham Road Birthday Song, was inspired and written during a visit to his mother while he sat outside her home alongside the constant murmur of traffic on the street from which the title is taken.

The song, which was written for his spouse, deals with how one doesn’t need to splash out on cash to show that special someone in your life how much they mean to you on a momentous occasion. Hill isn’t working alone in his endeavour here either. He has collaborated with his wife Lucy herself to bring the track to life and give it an extra layer of meaning and significance.

It takes off upon pleasant piano keys amid a tranquil acoustic riff, which work together to immediately establish a touching atmosphere. The instrumentation remains upbeat and affecting through a gentle and heartfelt harmony as the first verse begins. Husband and wife share vocal duties during a dainty duet that narrates some sweet and optimistic lyrics.

The music floats peacefully across the air, resting easy on the ears while generating a lot of warmth. The placid pace works perfectly to emphasize the elegance and romance of the piece. Soothing and relaxing consistently as it progresses, it eventually culminates in a light instrumental salvo ahead of a final captivating chorus. It’s an extremely simple and serene composition that manages to convey a tremendous amount of emotion and expression.

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