Following the success of E3 2016, it was Gamescom’s turn to grab the headlines. With an overwhelming amount of trade shows happening each year, Gamescom has quickly become one of the most anticipated conventions on the gaming calendar.

Gamescom, allows publishers and developers to show up with a bevy of extended playable demos. Unlike its L.A.-based counterpart, the demos are fully accessible for all those lucky enough to attend.

With that being said, here is what happened when the gaming masses took over Cologne.

Konami Truly Hates Us

Following the devastating reveal of the “Metal Gear” pachinko machines, the folks at Konami unveiled the “next installment” in the franchise… Metal Gear Survive, a co-op focussed zombie survival shooter. *sigh*

If your biggest gaming desire was to combine Meal Gear with Resident Evil, you’re in luck. For the die-hard MGS fans, it’s their worst nightmare come alive, as Konami continues to butcher Snake’s legacy.

The “story” takes place directly after the events of MGSV: Ground Zeroes, where Big Boss has inadvertently left a soldier behind on the semi-destroyed Mother Base. As a result, a trans-dimensional wormhole opens up (yep), sucking in the lonesome serviceman, dropping him into an alternate world full of red-diamonded headed, zombie-like baddies.

It has yet to be revealed what connection this story has to the Metal Gear universe or why Konami felt the need to release this strange stand-alone campaign. Suffice it to say, if Survive is anything like MGSV, it will play sublimely.

Call of Duty During The 1980s!?

Every year Activision continues to dazzle us with their unique undead survival mode, especially when each iteration is accompanied by a star-studded, Hollywood cast.  Following the Jeff Goldblum-fronted Black Ops III, the Call of Duty team has opted for an 80s inspired zombie fest for Infinite Warfare.

David Hasselhoff will be manning the decks, and considering all the hands Activision has shaken over the years, we can expect a bevy of 80s classics, Vice City-style. Surviving the onslaught of brain-hungry enemies has never been so important, as you’ll be eager to hear what else the Hoff has in store for you.

Resident Evil 7 Continues To Show-off It’s Creepy Hallways

If Capcom hadn’t shamelessly ripped off Kojima Productions’ Silent Hills demo for RE7, then I might be slightly more impressed by the footage produced so far. As it is, RE7 is just a sequence of creepy hallways, with the occasional jump-scare.

Their latest showing is much of the same, sadly. Almost three minutes of nervous breathing as you anxiously explore, yet another, rickety house, before a ghostly figure lurches at you and shouts: “Where do you think you’re going!?”

Considering how naff the last couple of Resident Evil games were, fans really need more. For now, Resident Evil 7 looks like a shabby version of what Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro presented two years ago.

Final Fantasy XV’s Last Chance

Heading into Gamescom 2016, Square Enix delayed Final Fantasy XV a mere month before its release. Now, the JRPG will be hitting the shelves on November 29th. The Japanese developer desperately needs FFXV to succeed, if they wish to have a scrap of credibility left.

In development for almost ten years, and with a CG-movie, Kingsglaive, and an anime bolstering the long-awaited launch, FFXV has drained the company a copious amount of money and resources.

In accordance with the delay, Square Enix uploaded a lengthy gameplay demo. Speaking as a Final Fantasy fan, XV looks just ok. If you’ve played the previously released demos (Duscae & Platinum) then you’ll know the combat resembles FFXIII and the voice acting leaves little to be desired. Graphically, it is clear FFXV was designed for the previous generation of console, failing to compete with the likes of Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886.

Mafia III Challenges GTA

Since Mafia II we’ve been chomping at the bit for a sequel, and we’re nearly a month away from finally jumping into the hardened boots of Vietnam veteran, Lincoln Clay.

Reports from Gamescom revealed that Mafia III can be played in two very different ways: you can opt for full-on sandbox action and gun down foes in a blaze of blood and brutality, or go for the stealthy approach, stalking your enemies with a small army knife, and slashing your way to the top.

Like Vice City and San Andreas, Mafia will have an era-appropriate soundtrack. The demo shown at Gamescom alternated between the two styles, and against the stunning New Orleans-inspired backdrop, Mafia III looks particularly appealing.

Titanfall 2 Enters The Frey

Respawn Entertainment are eager not to replicate the disappointment that was Titanfall, with its more frantic and fulfilling sequel.

While the fortunate few explored the main floor of Gamescom, the folks at home had the opportunity to play through Titanfall 2’s two day-long multiplayer beta. Although our time with the game was frustratingly short, at least we could finally test out the new mechanics and general feel for the mech-battling follow-up.

Having former Infinity Ward members among Respawn’s development team, Titanfall 2 adopted the fast-paced, Call of Duty formula, which is quickly felt when hit start.

Scampering into your own hulking machine and furiously hopping between buildings is incredibly satisfying. As you charge through the battlefield, unleashing your chest-laser on an entire platoon of enemy soldiers, a devious smile will spread across your face. This snippet of gameplay proves that ‘FPS of the year’ is no longer a two-horse race.

STEEP Might Be A Bit ‘Tricky’

In the closing moments of Ubisoft’s E3 conference, we got a little excited at the prospect of a brand-new, extreme sports inspired IP. With our hope for a new SSX game currently on hold, Ubisoft’s STEEP may resemble the iconic series more than we originally thought.

High-octane shenanigans, ridiculous course designs, wacky unlockable outfits, and countless outlandish tricks to perform. STEEP may just do the ‘trick.’

Gears of War 4 Is Just More of The Same

Following Gears 4’s underwhelming beta, and yet another Madworld inspired teaser with Disturbed’s rendition of The Sound of Silence, the game has barely received any exposure since.

From Gamescom, comes a ten-minute gameplay demo – with the intention being to show the extent the Gears series has come, graphically and mechanically. Sadly, it’s not far.

I’m struggling to see what exactly is so ground-breaking about The Coalition’s next-gen sequel; it easily could have been developed for the Xbox 360.

The infamous cover-bouncing returns, along with the occasional cinematic chainsaw fight, and endless active reloads (“niiiice”). Well, like they say, “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Zelda Is A Breath of Fresh Air

A formerly contained and restricted dungeon crawler, Zelda is reborn in its newly adopted open-world format. Zelda: Breath of the Wild clearly pulls its inspiration from the most recent western RPG’s: Dark Souls, Skyrim, The Witcher.

Mysterious guest-givers and side quests pepper the cel-shaded tundra, gear can be equipped instantly, boosting stats and altering Link’s appearance.

A newly added crafting system encourages you to hunt down enemies, clear and loot enemy outposts for raw materials. Link no longer relies solely on his sword and bow, as Nintendo has equipped him with a whole host of Hyrulian goodies.

Traversing will play a pivotal part in the upcoming title, as no wall or cliff is off-limits. The extent of Link’s climbing antics is represented by a Shadow of the Colossus-like stamina meter. Once it depletes, bye-bye, Link. Ganon returns as a mystical serpentine force, but very little has been released about the legendary boss.

The gaming giant, Nintendo, has had a pretty torrid time as of late; the Wii U bombed, Microsoft and Sony have completely dismissed them as a rival. Maybe Breath of the Wild will bring much needed love and appreciation for the iconic company.