Dublin based singer/songwriter, Gar Tiernan, has spent the past two years working on his debut album. He finally intends to share it with the world later this year. As a musician, he prefers not to limit himself to any particular style. Instead, he defines himself as an artist who is unafraid to embrace a multitude of genres. This extends to everything from pop to R & B to folk and even as far afield as acoustic hip-hop.

Aside from working on his debut record, Tiernan can often be found making a name for himself performing live around Ireland. Most recently, however, he recorded a music video for Coffee Hill Sessions on Youtube. The song showcased is named “Took Someone New” and should serve to build anticipation for his upcoming album.

After Tiernan briefly introduces himself at the video’s beginning, his performance takes off through moving piano keys. Emphatic vocals set in, resonating and lingering as they narrate the heartfelt lyrics. The overall tone is somber and affecting, yet very enthusiastic. Enthralling piano work and an expressive harmony cut deep as they unfold. The whole thing may be made up of just one man and his piano but it sounds immense. You can tell that he is extrememly passionate about what he does.

The fact that this song is delivered so well here through a live session bodes most favourably for the forthcoming release. There can be no doubt that he has the talent and he knows how to use it. If you’re from Dublin or Ireland, keep an eye out for further Gar Tiernan shows on the local scene. Otherwise, you’ll be able to experience his album in its entirety in the coming months.

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