Electronic music dominates the popular music scene today. What was once considered underground can now be heard on the radio at least 20 times per day.

Many people, primarily musicians (That play instruments) despise DJs and producers and MCs. Why? Those people get paying gigs easier than bands and singer-songwriters do.

Now granted, it may not take as much time to learn how to electronically make music as it takes to master the guitar or drums, but the question is, are DJs considered musicians?

They make music in what is becoming the norm, by sampling and remixing. But that doesn’t mean that guitar music or singer-songwriters or indie music is going to die out. If anything it’s stronger than it’s been in years.

Ultimately, it depends on your age and your social group. You’ll find a lot of ravers love Bob Marley, and a lot of headbangers love faithless and prodigy, although they’ll never admit it, Avicii and the occasional Calvin Harris song.

At the heart of it all, is musical taste, and testing the boundaries of the scene that has gone stale. We all want new and exciting sounds, and producers, DJs and the likes are making that happen, hence the masses flocking to the muddy battleground fields of a festival to experience the music in all its hypnotic glory.

Music will always be changing, and we all roll with the punches, in the hope of leaving behind a soundtrack for a generation that will trigger drunken and euphoric memories years from now, and isn’t that what good music does, stay in one’s heart?

Whatever dominates the airwaves, someone’s gonna hate it.
But to those who love it, make it their soundtrack to life. And we shouldn’t shun that because we all have that one song or band no matter how big or old, That defines the most important memories and experiences of our lives, and after all, isn’t that the point of music in general?

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