Georgian Waters is the name of a five piece pop group from the Swedish capital city of Stockholm. Having recently put together a new EP, the band’s music is brought to life by members Erik Smidvik, Kristian Lindström, Nima Akbari, Lars Tallberg and Mathias Jawerth. Following on from their well received singles “Midsummer Air” and “What Is In Your Heart”, the band recently released “Data Girl”, the lead track from their forthcoming compilation.

While they generally don’t craft songs so quickly, this latest offering was put together in a single session, clicking perfectly into place during one of their rehearsals. Taking off with a speedy beat, it wastes no time erupting into a quick and cheerful instrumental introduction. Airy electronics and serene synths establish a rather relaxed and ethereal ambience before a distant and nonchalant melody kicks in for the opening verse.

The momentum doesn’t ease up as the busy and bustling chorus sets in and exhibits a characterful lyrical salvo. Remaining fast and feisty into its second stanza, there’s a consistently optimistic and upbeat energy to the whole thing which allows the music to wash gently over the senses. This has an effect that is simultaneously stimulating and calming.

It’s a soft and relatively simple offering as a whole. The way in which it mixes elements of electro and dance together with easy listening pop melodies results in a sound that’s very radio friendly. Its harmless attitude and inoffensive execution is sure to win it plenty of favour within the realm of mainstream music. To experience “Data Girl” for yourself, head over to iTunes now.

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