Independence Day meets Apollo 13 in latest trailer for upcoming Geostorm. Imagine a world where humans control the weather. Dean Devlin’s new film explores what would happen if this was the case.

Using technically advanced satellites, mankind make this incredible breakthrough. Just think of how civilized life would be if you knew exactly when it would rain, when it would snow, when it would be sunny. But of course, that is not the kind of movie Geostorm is. Afghanistan is turned to ice after a malfunction in one of the satellites, killing thousands.

And so begins a series of outrageous weather conditions; tsunamis hitting New York, dozens of tornados assembling together, hail stones the size of buses crushing cars and so on. All of these images will be sure to wow audiences. One that stands out from the trailer is that of an aeroplane falling to earth and slamming down onto a busy street. It’s fair to say that the special effects will be impressive as the world as we know it is ravaged by the weather.

Gerard Butler will be the man to save the day. It’s his job to journey to space in an attempt to fix whatever is wrong with the satellites. The Scotsman is good for these kinds of roles, with credits in movies like 300 and White House Down to his name. In this case, however, saving the world isn’t his only role. He appears promising his daughter that he will return from his perilous adventure.

Stunning visuals will be the biggest appeal of Geostorm. A few familiar faces join Butler on screen. These include Abbie Cornish (Limitless), Ed Harris (A Beautiful Mind) and our very own Robert Sheehan (Love/Hate). Dean Devlin directed Independence Day so he knows what he’s doing when it comes to this kind of thing.

Geostorm is being categorised as a disaster movie. It’ll hopefully be good fun to watch, but by no means literary genius.

Geostorm will be released 20th October 2017.

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