It’s been a bountiful year for Waterford rockers Ghost Robots. Having spent the summer exciting audiences on stage all around Ireland, the proficient fivesome went on to win acclaim from the likes of Indiebuddie and The Munster Express before unleashing their Sell It to Me EP at the start of September. Most recently though, they’ve been busy building anticipation for their soon-to-be-released self-titled record by teasing enthusiasts with snippets of what to expect on social media.

Written and recorded at Cork’s Whitewell Studios, the intoxicating ten track undertaking is introduced through the attitude-infused refrain and invigorating guitars of “Bad Habit”. The steadfast affair that ensues gets things off to a stirring start ahead of the endearingly dynamic delivery of “Hollow Thoughts”. “Invader” is even more enlivening afterwards, showcasing some superbly slick singing atop enticingly intense instrumentation as it paces purposefully towards the captivatingly quick verses and hauntingly heartfelt choruses that bring “Louder Louder” to life.

“Lights Out” is another energetic addition next, the cheeky tone of which keeps it compelling until “Richer than Kings” takes over to enthral with its sobering serenade and bracing music. “What You Say” remains riveting in its wake, displaying a delightfully defiant demeanour as it darts determinedly in the direction of the equally unruly harmony of “Geronimo”. “Razorblades” is a little more retrained but no less rebellious when it’s done, giving rise to an electrifying ambience before “I Am Not Contagious” arrives to endow the proceedings with a fantastically frantic finish.

Ghost Robots have composed an incredibly characterful compilation here that never exhibits a dull moment. Its effective fusion of entrancingly idiosyncratic singing and engrossingly audacious instrumentation is likely to allure a large listenership. Be sure to investigate the eponymous album for yourself when it drops for download in March.

Ghost Robots
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