ghost_code is a relatively new electronica act from the Irish county of Wexford, brought to life by the production skills of Donal Sinnott and vocal talent of Jasmin Gangnus. Despite only emerging onto the scene in February with the four track EP, Spotlights, they have remained busy putting together more new material in the months since.

Their latest offering, which landed on Bandcamp this week, is a two piece endeavour entitled Letting Go of Your Grip. Beginning with the song of the same name, its pace is fast and fervent from the offset. An initially subtle ominous beat quickly builds amid chiming synths and an otherworldly whistling effect, which soon develops into a high-pitched whine that pulsates through the air before arriving at an abrupt halt.

A soft and pleasant harmony takes over, the upbeat attitude of which acts as a stark contrast to the sinister musical motifs that persist in the background. The ambiguous atmosphere that arises as a result is rather arresting. As it reaches the midway mark, the electronic elements get noticeably heavier, growing continuously as they adopt a dance-like style. It’s a dark and determined undertaking with an ever-present wicked edge.

“Only Takes You” follows by fading slowly into a muffled beat before hushed but vivid vocals start to whisper their way through the opening verse. It remains reserved for the first minute or so, after which more unsettling synths set in to once again give things a foreboding feel. The instrumentation increases in both momentum and volume from here, at times exhibiting mannerisms which are similar to the score of an eighties horror film. The overall outcome is an extremely active electro-anthem that maintains a menacing mood until the very end.

The two offerings that ghost_code have showcased here are made incredibly enthralling by their disconcerting demeanour. While each one exhibits an absorbing rhythm and gripping vocals, it’s their ambivalent attitude and threatening tone that makes them truly tantalising.

ghost_code: Letting Go of Your Grip EP review

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