Warwickshire rockers Go Primitive may still be in their infancy within the industry, but they’ve certainly been doing a good job of drawing attention to themselves. Made up of guitarists/vocalists Tomm E. Williams and Adam White, drummer Dan Teale and bassist Ben Goodwin, the band have already managed to get their material showcased by BBC Introducing in the UK. They’ve also been chosen to support a number of well-known acts, including We Are The Ocean and The Subways.

Following on almost exactly a year after the release of their debut EP, Blueprint, the quartet have just dropped their sophomore effort, 100 Ways. The five track compilation bursts to life with the vibrant vocals of “Breathe In, Breath Out”, which wail their way across piercing guitars. From here, things pound furiously forward and take on a defiant disposition. The instrumentation remains raw and rousing, while the melody displays an equal amount of anxiety and enthusiasm.

“In A Band” begins with a more characterful and captivating riff that burns brilliantly through the senses. It keeps quirky during a distorted verse and frantic chorus. The extremely animated and avid enactment of the music and melody results in an arresting anthem that’s quite riveting. “The Sun Will Rise” follows via urgent instrumentation that blares out, setting an ominous atmosphere ahead of a hectic harmony. Its acute chorus is rife with expression, while its heavy delivery makes a powerful impact.

“Save Yourself” dashes directly into a tumult of frenzied riffs that enthral on the way towards a vigorous vocal volley. It stays fast and forceful for the second verse, eventually arriving at an engrossing instrumental exhibition that ends brings things to an exhilarating end. “What You Pay For” features a mellow, reserved riff afterwards, before a hushed harmony reverberates mournfully across the air. A strong salvo of bracing guitars and pressing percussion soon ensues. It’s a dire and determined finale, loaded with as much passion and spirit as its predecessors.

Go Primitive have mastered the post-hardcore genre perfectly here. Their melodic, hard-hitting sound and heartfelt, emotional execution leaves an indelible impression in the mind. 100 Ways is an intense and thrilling undertaking that does the band proud. You can investigate it for yourself on iTunes now.

Go Primitive - 100 Ways
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