The bible can be summed up in a single sentence if you really try. And if one was so inclined to do so, that sentence would be: “try not to be a prick”.

Oh, what a time to be alive! Equality for all, hatred for many, and a clash of views from all over the world. There was a time when religion held its own ground. Take Catholicism for example, once greatly followed in Ireland. That is until the priests got into the wine, and a little extra time in the confession booth just couldn’t cut it any more, and the altar boys started getting so God damn attractive to them.

Whatever the religion, it has now been disgraced in some way or another. Put it this way, do you really think if Jesus or Buddha came back tomorrow they would be happy at the way their followers treat their fellow man? They would most likely turn, leave, and wish they had written the guidelines people live their lives by a little better.

Everyone judges everyone. We’re all guilty of it. Be it skin color, sexual orientation, fashion style, what job he or she has, or how much money is in their bank account. And we all hate. Everyone has that one person they truly loathe. And you don’t have to follow any religion to know what a waste of time it is to hate anything.

There’s already enough of that in the world.

Put it this way, what was deemed wrong 2000 years ago is now the norm, and for good reason. Evolution. We’re people. We evolve. The fact is, in the eyes of religion, because of the world we live in – God already hates you. So let’s move on and run far away from the old testament views on how the world and people ‘should be’. And focus on what makes it a place worth living for us, and everyone in it. Life is too short to worry about where you’ll go and when you die after all.

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