We live in an age of wonder. both in a technological aspect and also within film and t.v. the last couple of years has provided us the public and us the viewers with cutting edge television. Plots that are alien to cheesy one liners and the classic formula of introduction, conflict, resolve. Characters that would feel at home between the leather-bound pages of literature from a more intriguing time. shows like Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad,  Boardwalk Empire etc, have proved what critics have claimed, that we are in fact living in the golden age of television.

However, the question i pose to fans of virtually any running t.v show is simply this….do you actually watch your show on a t.v?

think about it, we may live in the golden age of t.v, but the how many of us view those acclaimed shows on a t.v set? With the widely popular Netflix, Showbox, and countless other streaming sites available to anyone with wi-fi, the majority of people(myself included) choose to get their weekly fix of their favourite show by downloading or streaming it either on a phone, tablet  or laptop.

Granted, it makes a train journey or a flight more enjoyable catching up on your must see series, but the irony of the fact remains. the golden age of television is being enjoyed and viewed on everything except a t.v.

simply put, the famous small screen…is being replaced by an even smaller screen.

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