The bio for Good Dead Me is quite telling when aiming to depict the style of music and image that the West Cork band exhibit. They talk of their ‘intense, thrashy, sweaty style’ and of how they got ‘weirder and better’ as they honed their talents since their inception in 2006. From reading on, a persona is formed of a band that appear not to be fazed by popular opinion and are comfortable being different. While this is admirable, it can certainly be used as a selling point to an interested audience – “a breathless, sweaty few” as they say themselves.

Three tracks from Good Dead Me’s upcoming second album have been released to give their followers and potential fans a like a taste of what to expect. “Ascend”‘s intro immediately launches into a rapid riff that displays the band’s funk-influenced style before descending into a well-infused cacophony of mayhem. The song lacks strength structure wise but I feel the impressive energy maintained will appeal most to potential suitors.

“Getting Eaten Ass First Alive” is a catchier song and portrays the bands ability to create coherent melodies. The style is in-your-face and unflinching and uses Jack Dubious’ lead vocals to add a grunge element to their sound, while the bassline deploys a vital backbone to the short song.

Finally, “Cape Cod Girls” is a very promising track and is perhaps the song that would entice most people to listen to their LP. There is a confident hook and an enjoyable riff on show, that is a departure from the more hardcore sound of the other tracks on this preview. There is still the intense, high speed guitar that adds another element to the song.

There is definitely enough to intrigue listeners into perusing the band’s second album, but one hopes that there are even stronger tracks to look forward to, in order to entice music fans from outside the diverse genres the Cork band boasts.

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