It looks as though Damon Albarn’s fantastically kooky Gorillaz are coming back on the scene! Earlier this week, Hewll, the artist behind Tank Girl, posted some interesting images on Instagram of Murdoc and Noodle with zero information attached. However, scrolling through the comments one user asked if the band were returning and Hewll responded with a resounding ‘Yes. Gorillaz Returns.’



It is looking like a great year is on the horizon in the music charts with acts like Ed Sheeran, Hozier and Royal Blood breaking through as well as some excellent returns from the likes of Foo Fighters and now it looks like we will see the return of the animated band that brought us great hits like Clint Eastwood and DARE.

There has been no confirmation as of yet about when the band will release new material or if we should expect some kind of tour, but with the advancement in hologram technology recently, who knows what surprises Albarn and co. have up there sleeves!

Hewll’s Instagram