Go!Zilla - Sinking In Your Sea (Album Review)

Go!Zilla – Sinking In Your Sea (Album Review)

The importance of making a good first impression as a band cannot be overstated. Even if your music is great, without a strong public image chances are nobody’s going to hear you. Go!zilla are an excellent example of a band doing this right. With their attention-grabbing name, beautiful artwork on the new album “Sinking In Your Sea” and the description of their music as “Acid Psychedelic Punk”, they had me excited before ever hearing a song. New bands take note.

The first thing that surprised me upon listening to Go!zilla was how accessible they sound. The guitars are loud and fuzzy, the vocals often barked and the song structures, in keeping with punk tradition, repetitive. Despite all this, there’s something instantly likable in their approach and something almost poppy in the sum of the various, unlikely parts. The title track, for instance, has a clear garage rock vibe, taking influence from the likes of The Stooges, and mixing in psychedelic rock and a grungy chorus somehow has the effect of making it all the more catchy.

“Looking In The Mirror” keeps the standard up. Here the Eastern sounding lead guitar hints at the trippy eeriness of Jefferson Airplane, while the bassline could’ve been lifted off Nirvana’s debut album. The song’s ascending chorus, complete with galloping drumbeat always sounds like it’s building to something bigger, and when thirty seconds from the end the low and dirty distorted riff comes in, I am officially won over.

This approach is reprised on “Pollution”, where the doomy, sludgy outro could easily have been lifted from a Black Sabbath song. It’s heavy, slow and low, evil rock and roll music and I love it.

“Hiding Away” is the highlight of the album for me. Its unusual, innovative rhythm makes for a track that will stick in your head and personally brought me back for another listen. By far the catchiest and most accessible number on show on this release.

The closest Go!zilla come to a standard punk song is on “I’ve Seen A Riot”, a fast-paced, power chord-led track with a great guitar solo. The band’s overall sound is still consistent with the rest of the album, with the low, fuzzy guitar and bass sound and trademark vocal style with an Italian accent.

From the garage rock opener through the experimental, slow-burning closing track “Xilitla”, these guys always impress. A thoroughly enjoyable album, Go!zilla have all the ingredients for a successful career and are a band I would go out of my way to experience live. This is an album I would recommend to fans of garage rock, psychedelic rock and early metal in particular, or just anyone who likes catchy, sleazy rock music.