Originally from the Welsh town of Dinas Powys, musician Grace Hartrey specialises in a brand of folk that utilises finger style guitar work. After spending the last few years making a name for herself around her homeland, she has now begun to share her music across the rest of the UK. Already, she has succeeded in making her mark on the Liverpool live scene, as well as having performed at the O2 in London.

Recently, the singer/songwriter released her debut single, “King and Queens”. Bursting to life with a jubilant acoustic riff, the track immediately establishes an upbeat and cheerful atmosphere. This is soon emphasized by lively and vivacious vocals that are irresistibly absorbing. The stripped down, simple approach works wonderfully well, swelling with passion and enthusiasm. Its festive and merry execution is sure to brighten even the darkest of moods.

“Kings and Queens” is available for download on iTunes now, along with companion piece “Hazel Grows”. This B-Side fades into hushed guitar work that continues to unfold subtly behind beautiful vocals during the verse. The pleasant and relaxing rhythm builds slowly as it progresses. It eventually grows to an immense climax loaded with affecting instrumentation and a choir like harmony that puts a spectacular cap on the proceedings.

The musical and vocal talent displayed by Grace Hartrey throughout these two compositions is astounding. Her ability to craft marvelously uplifting and poignant melodies doesn’t leave you doubting that she belongs in the music industry. If you don’t experience these songs for yourself, then you really are missing out on something amazing.

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