Anyone who’s a fan of rock gods Green Day will know that patience is a virtue. The intervals between albums haven’t exactly been brief since “Warning” was released in 2000, but thankfully the wait has been worth it each time. Rock opera American Idiot took the world by storm in 2004 before the even more ambitious 21st Century Breakdown blew it away five years later. Then the band returned to their roots for a trilogy of records in 2012 which recalled the days of Dookie, Insomniac and Nimrod while simultaneously sounding innovative and fresh.

Green Day

Now the legendary punks have finally emerged from hibernation again to delight devotees by unleashing a belting new tune entitled “Bang Bang”. It begins with a brisk bass line beneath subtle yet exciting guitars before bursting into a barrage of bracing riffs which charge thrillingly towards a wonderfully recalcitrant opening verse. A fantastically fractious chorus follows from here, enthralling with its awesome intensity through to the equally arresting second stanza.

The energy stays extreme as the whole thing races wildly in the direction of a relatively restrained but no less obstinate breakdown just past the two minute mark. This is succeeded by an onslaught of exhilarating guitars and percussion which pack a powerful punch ahead of an absolutely enlivening final refrain.

The result is a song that represents everything that made Green Day great in the first place. Stuffed full of vigorous vocals, disaffected lyrics and electrifying instrumentation, it demonstrates that Armstrong, Dirnt and Cool are still deserving of being labelled as three of the most exceptional artists on the planet. Head on over to iTunes to download “Bang Bang” for yourself now and be sure to check out its upcoming parent compilation, Revolution Radio, when it arrives on October 7th.

Green Day
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