Grumsling is an indie rock band based out of the Bay Area in San Francisco. The quartet is made up of Carl Flynn on guitar, D.J Howe on keyboards and synth Matt Lowe on bass and Com Rodriguez on drums. Each member also contribute vocals and they are frequently joined by a variety of guest musicians. Their latest EP, “A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea” was released on the 21st of March.

The first track is “Tree”, it starts off slow and moody and could be compared to the likes of Modest Mouse. It’s an interesting song that has some catchy instrumental parts, but the claustrophobic production makes things sound quite dry. The singalong sections of the song are begging for a bit of reverb to make them sound a bit more haunting. Despite this, it’s still a great way to set the mood.

“Pregame” is a slower song led by piano. It leads into “The Game”, which is a cheery song but the lyrics at the beginning have dark connotations, “It’s time to play the game/You’ll never be the same”. The last minute and a half switches gears from a pop song to a rock song, it makes for a really interesting listen and is one of the standout track on the EP.

The next tune is “Roberta Sparrow”. It’s a slower paced song with two voices singing most of the song in unison. It’s a good song, but it’s not the most memorable of tracks.

The final number on the EP is “Lightning”. It’s a groovy tune with keyboard chords, a groovy bassline and droning guitar. There’s a buildup halfway through, which is probably the most memorable moment from this collection of songs.

Grumsling have created an interesting collection of songs, there’s no doubt that they’ve crafted their own unique sound, it’s just a shame that the production doesn’t really do them any favours. Regardless, this is a band that are definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

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