Guy Grogan is a one man band from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Having started his musical journey playing in bands in highschool and college, where he studied music, before going on to intern at Ardent Studios. Having written, recorded and performed on 9 albums to date, his latest release is entitled “Dynamite Bouquet” was released on February 23rd.

The first track is “My Own Way Out” and it has a distinct classic rock feel, with it’s crunchy guitar riff and vocal harmonies, which are expertly executed. The guitar solo really encapsulates the mood of the track too.

The second song is “Metafixation”, it has a similar feeling to the first track though the vocal melody is a bit more melancholic, almost giving off a Kurt Cobain-esque feel to it at times. The chorus explodes with energy and stops and starts several times giving the feeling of a burst of energy. The way this song slowly builds itself is very cool.

“River Like A Cry” is one of the highlights of the album. The song is led by an acoustic guitar playing a poppy progression, with subtle guitar and piano parts supporting Grogan’s poppy melodies. Having already showed us that he’s well capable of writing rock music he also shows he can write a good pop song too.

Tracks like “A Ghost Too Soon”, “Pseudo Euphoria” and “Moonbird” are the albums more quiet and tender moments. The strength of these tracks show that Grogan is a well-balanced songwriter, capable of many different styles.

The second last track is “Waterfalls” and it begins with piano and electric guitar before the drums explode, giving the impression of flowing water. It’s another poppy number once again featuring some great work on the vocal harmonies.

The last tune, entitled “What If I Told You” is another softer moment, this time with just acoustic guitar and vocals. It’s a suitable way to end the album and once I listened to this track it became clear that the albums sound had a very interesting arc, beginning with rocky numbers before gradually getting quieter and eventually finishing with this track. I’m unsure whether it was intentional or not but it’s very cool.

All in all, I think Grogan has showcased not only his ability as a songwriter but also as a musician. I do feel his music is to a degree a bit lo-fi and niche, but it’s got a lot of charm and it’s easy to tell a lot of care went into making it. This one’s definitely worth a listen.

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