Following on from their debut single ‘Headstoned’ which was released on 5th December 2014, the Dublin trio are back with their follow-up single ‘Colony of Ants’ which is due for release via digital download on February 6th.

The band is headed up by Kieran O’Reilly of ‘Love/Hate’ fame, who is no stranger to the music scene having previously been involved with Alt-Rock bands Doris and White McKenzie, the latter producing the remaining two members of Hail the Ghost, Ian Corr (Piano) and Eamon Young (Guitar). The front man has proved himself as a master of all trades as such, he plays drums and guitar as well as co-producing recordings.

O’Reilly’s voice has echos of The Editors front man Tom Smith, bringing the captivating lyrics of this edgy, haunting indie track alive. From the outset there is a steady mix of drum and guitar riffs intensifying only during the lead up and throughout each chorus, thus allowing for the incredibly controlled, almost undeviating vocals of O’Reilly to remain the focus. The welcoming sound of the piano attempts to lift the mood on an otherwise evocative melody halfway through the track, the backing vocals adding a delicate boost in contrast to the vocals of the mysterious lead. Albeit the lyrics being quite repetitive throughout the chorus, they prove quite catchy and with every listen it kind of grows on you that bit more –  the mixture of subtle guitar and synthetics an easy listen. A small criticism on perhaps a relatively favorable effort.

The band’s style of music has alternative written all over it, but what could be the rule breaker is the detachment from your typical indie stereotype of late and instead delving back into the heydays of Interpol and The Editors, with that little bit of added Irish charm of course! If it is one thing the Irish music scene is lacking it is the absence of a real consistent alternative indie group who can bring something to the table with every release. Recently, Walking on Cars are up there, maybe these guys will be another exception – they certainly have the potential.

With the threesome due to drop their first album entitled ‘Forsaken’ on March 6th it can only be assumed that this offering is only a small slice of what they have to give.

Written by Julie Bell