After relocating to London in 2013, Bristol born musician Haiz spent several years honing her compositional skills in the UK capital before teaming up with producer Alex Bakker to work on her newly released debut single, “Betrayed”.

According to the artist herself, the superbly stirring four minute pop piece “is about getting a poisonous thought out of [her head], and the easiest way [for her] to do that was to write it down and make a song out of the situation.” Proclaiming it to be a “cleanse for [her] mind”, it’s Haiz’s hope that this track will help listeners to “save themselves from being betrayed by learning from [her] experience.”

It’s introduced through some subtle synths before an enticingly soft yet expressive serenade steps into the spotlight in the affecting first verse. The music begins to grow gradually in velocity and vigour as the vocals continue to vivify with their fantastic vibrancy on the way to an alluringly laid-back but enlivening chorus at the start of the second minute.

A barrage of brilliantly bracing electronics bridges the gap from here to the next tremendously touching verse, after which the whole thing transitions into an exhibition of entrancingly atmospheric instrumentation. This is succeeded by a seductively slick final minute full of infectiously fervent synths and spectacularly sonorous singing.

The result is an extraordinarily resonant and riveting composition that’s loaded with depth and meaning. Its mesmerising amalgam of remarkably moving melodies, hauntingly heartfelt lyrics and endearingly dynamic music is indicative of an artist who has what it takes to make it in the mainstream. Be sure to check “Betrayed” out for yourself on iTunes or Spotify now.

Haiz: Betrayed (Single Review)
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