If anyone is winning in the world of rock this year, then it’s definitely Pennsylvanian powerhouse heroes Halestorm. After a series of shows in Europe, which included an absolutely incredible inaugural Irish gig, they delivered what remains in this writer’s opinion the most amazing album of 2015 by a seemingly insurmountable distance.

In the months since, the quartet have barely paused for breath, having hit the road again alongside fellow hard-rock enthusiasts The Pretty Reckless for the Carnival of Madness Tour, before performing at the Alternative Press Awards in July. On top of that, they’ve toured tirelessly around Australia and America, been nominated for a whole host of accolades and even released a book that records their career from past to present.

The band will be continuing to perform across Canada, Japan and back down under all the way up to Christmas, ahead of a return to the UK in early 2016. Right now though, all of the focus is on their freshly unveiled music video for Into the Wild Life’s invigorating anthem, “I Am the Fire”.

The song itself starts with a sobering riff that plays out coolly behind some soft singing. All the while, discreet yet determined drums incite anticipation ahead of an explosion of supremely spirited vocals and exhilarating instrumentation. The energy and expression exuded is irresistibly enlivening on the way to the fast and forceful second stanza.

This is followed by another hurricane of heartfelt harmonies and impossibly powerful guitars and percussion, all of which work together to thrill and enthral completely. The vigour of the vocals defies description and only increases further going into a maniacal melody that mesmerises in the middle. It’s all extraordinarily stimulating, having an effect that’s both energising and inspiring.

Things tone down briefly afterwards, then Lzzy lets out a mind-blowing roar of the eponymous declaration, during which she holds the final note for a few jaw-droppingly intense seconds. This evolves into another exciting chorus full of feeling and fervour, before the whole thing culminates in a collection of breathtaking chants that are truly chilling.

Not only is this the best track of the best album of 2015, it could also arguably be considered the foursome’s most definitive endeavour to date. “I Am the Fire” represents everything that makes Halestorm so enticing as a band. Its adamant attitude, superb singing and expertly executed instrumentation all flaunt their sound and style flawlessly. It’s a positively perfect piece from the hard rock heavyweights that will leave listeners electrified. Check out the video for yourself now.

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