Half of Me are a 3 piece alternative indie-rock band from Dublin, with a sound that was instantly right up my street.

Their newest single Harbour is one of those songs that flows so well, and builds in the right points to make it a solid track that you’ll definitely be singing along to after a few listens. The vocals have a groovy edge going on which works so well, especially when joined by nice harmonies and a sneaky xylophone that knocks around at points in the background.

Band efforts as a whole come to the fore with colliding drums and guitar riffs being introduced to accompany the impressive vocal talents, and listeners get an insight into the capabilities these guys have to get those indie pop/rock vibes flowing. My ears are always interested in a great guitar solo too and they slide one in nicely to seal the deal as a band to watch – because they’re a-coming. There’s also some synth tendencies floating around in the rhythm which I liked, and as “I’m just a lifeless lifeboat, please drag me back to shore” rings through my earphones, a more haunting side to the vocals is apparent.

An all round great track that deserves a happy home in any music library. Going by their sound I’d also be interested to see them live so no doubt I’ll try to catch them at a gig soon.




Written by Nicole Leggett