English indie punk pair …And The Hangnails caused quite a stir when they burst onto the British music scene brandishing their bracing inaugural album, No Time For Naysayers, back in 2011. Written and recorded in just 4 days, the dexterous DIY endeavour served as the starting point for a career that has encompassed countless shows across the UK as well as two more full-length records entitled Bare and Rut, respectively.

Now members Martyn Fillingham and Steven Reid have returned to treat enthusiasts to a brand new compilation called Dog. The tremendously thunderous ten track undertaking is introduced through the enticingly speedy riffs and spirited singing of “Don’t Waste My Time”, which gets things off to a terrifically turbulent start ahead of the equally enlivening guitars and vocals that bring “Junk” to life. This is followed by the fantastically fiery “Too Far Gone”, which keeps captivatingly quick and clamorous until “Enjoy It While It Lasts” arrives to arrest with its wonderfully raw refrains and enthrallingly trenchant instrumentation.

“Nothing Wrong” is another exceptionally electrifying affair next, exhibiting an intoxicating assortment of incensed singing, expeditious riffs and penetrating percussion before “The Way You Want” heads down a relatively restrained route by showcasing a compelling coalescence of quick and quirky guitars and spectacularly canorous crooning. “Do You Harm” veers back in an endearingly rambunctious direction when it’s done, oozing oodles of energy and enthusiasm as it bounds boisterously towards the engrossingly urgent “Adore/Repel”, after which “Fear” swoops in to serve as a superbly sonorous swangsong.

…And The Hangnails have forged a fabulously fervent fusion of indie and punk here that displays plenty of power and passion as it plays out. Its entrancingly vociferous vocal work mixed with its remarkably riotous music gives rise to an inordinately exhilarating sound that’s certain to satisfy anyone who enjoys rock songs that are as adept as they are jaunty. You can download Dog for yourself from iTunes now.

...And The Hangnails: Dog album review

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